Cookie 3

Cookie is spending one whole week at VRTU Muay Thai!

Don't miss this opportunity to train alongside Wanchai "Cookie" Lokwichit!

Cookie is joining us straight from Thailand to work with our trainers and fighters for one whole week (Oct 29-Nov 04)! Be sure to mark this week in your calendar as you will experience an energy in the gym like no other.

On Sunday October 29, 2-4PM, you can join in on the action, as he will be hosting a seminar (open to ALL LEVELS)!

VRTU Muay Thai

Step into the capable hands of a seasoned and dedicated Muay Thai master with years of experience, and immerse yourself in a seminar that will teach you the authentic techniques that have allowed Cookie to maintain such dedication to the sport!

Practice both offensive and defensive techniques, learn new combinations, and get the chance to spar 1:1 with Cookie!

Whether you are new to Muay Thai or a seasoned fighter, there is something for everyone in this specialized seminar (open to ALL levels).

Secure your spot now!


Cookie Seminar
Sunday, October 29, 2023
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Buy your tickets ahead of time!
(Open to ALL Levels)

Bring all your gear:
Uniform, Hand Wraps, 16Oz Cloves, Shin Guards, Mouth Guard and Jock


Feel free to reach out here: