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Gym Rental in Midtown Toronto

Affordable Rates. Flexible Schedule.

A female trainer training a girl in VRTU gym

Are you a trainer looking to rent out space to train your clients?

VRTU offers affordable rates, a flexible schedule, and a friendly, welcoming environment. Space is available for personal training, group classes, seminars and workshops, birthday parties, and filming projects.

3 Rooms to choose from.

Features include:

  • Boxing Ring
  • Punching Bags
  • Cardio Equipment (Rowers, Bikes)
  • Squat Rack, Free Weights, Kettlebells, Battle Ropes
  • Suspension Bands, Plyo Boxes, Yoga Balls
  • Changerooms (including showers)
  • Sound System

*NEW* Private Gym Rental

Do you have a group of "fit friends", and want to get some workout space to yourselves?

How it works:

  • 1-Hour Timeslots, $150 / session
  • Choose between the FIT Room or the FIGHT Room
  • Up to a maximum 5 people (your "fit" group)
  • Add a trainer for an additional $60 / session
  • Space thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after sessions
  • Access to weights, bikes, rowers, punching bags, pads, changerooms, sound system, and more!
* Once booked, a staff member will follow up to confirm availability. 
A indoor view of VRTU gym

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